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Publishing Sites with Microsoft FrontPage

Microsoft FrontPage deals with two kinds of Web sites: disk-based and server-based. In short, a disk-based site is a FrontPage Web site you create on your local hard disk and then later publish to a Web server. A server-based site is one you create and work with directly on a Web server, without the extra step of publishing. This section provides you with instructions on publishing only disk-based web sites.

You can publish disk-based web sites either through FTP or HTTP. If your server is running FrontPage Server Extensions, you would publish your site to an HTTP location. For example: If your server supports FTP, you would publish to an FTP location. For example:

After publishing, you can manage your site through FrontPage Server Extensions.

To access FrontPage Server Extensions management interface:

  1. Log in to Parallels Plesk Panel.
  2. Click the Domains shortcut in the navigation pane.
  3. Click the required domain name in the list.
  4. To manage a site, which is not protected by SSL, open the Web Site group title menu, and click Frontpage Webadmin. To manage an SSL-enabled site, open the Web Site group title menu, and click Frontpage SSL Webadmin.
  5. Type your FrontPage administrator's login name and password, and click OK.

For instructions on using FrontPage server extensions, see online help (Frontpage Webadmin > Help) or visit Microsoft Web site.

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